Friday 5ed D&D

Session Two

After the rude interruption of the ruffians the party went back to the treasure whilst striping the intruders of their valuables. A potion of healing and a potion of invisibility was found.
The party head out of the room with Toni in the lead and went through the northern door which open to a west-east passageway with a set of double doors at the end of the thirty feet corridor. Toni feel confident with her dark vision and keen senses, went straight for the double doors not noticing the hidden pit between the party and the double doors, fell into the ten feet pit. Toni thinking that it is best warn others of the pit that she as she was falling, she decided to scream on her short way down the pit.

After working a way to cross the pit. Ray decided to lead instead and kick the double doors and bold stride into the room. The room 20 by 30 north south length wise room. Both the west and east side are filled with barrels. The western side on the northern wall was a door. There was a door on eastern side of the wall on the far north side of the room. The party was fully in the room when Ray spotted some movements in some of the barrels. He shout a war cry as the beautifully prepared ambush was foiled by human eye.

Ray smashed one of the six ruffians that jumped out of the barrels. He was down on the ground with a following shield bash. Hannah followed though and quickly killed the fallen ruffian. Ty cried for the ruffians surrender and that they should drop their weapons.. The ruffians drop their weapons and surrendered. The rest of the party was confused and they stopped the attack. The ruffians were tied up and the party was in a hot discussion on what to do with their prisoners.

Meanwhile Hannah heard some whimpering from the eastern door. After a brief look she found the door open into a prison. There are two holding cells, one to the north and one to the south. The southern one held one woman and two teenage girls while the northern one held a high elf wizard. In the northern cells was a high elf wizard (Nic). The girls decided that they would try and go to town on their own. However the high elf decide to join the party.
The party examine the northern door which lead to a door at the end. The room behind the door is a poor excuse of an armoury. Dozens of old spears and light crossbows were found. However Nic’s equipment was also found in the room.

Jon finds a secret door oppose the door outside. Jon open the door and enter what appears to a store room. The party finds that the room contains lots of mining supplies. It appears this is where the stolen goods are stored. To the south is a broken wall and open to a large cavernous long room with a 20 feet deep crevasse that is about 20 feet wide and about 120 feet long that is north south length. There was a wooden bridge to cross the crevasse only 20 from the room and about 80 feet from the room.

Robin crosses the first bridge to other side. He noticed movement in the crevasse and has determine it was Normic. Be he decide not to tell the rest of the party. However he does tell them that the bridge should only carry one person.

Upon the other side Robin found a passageway leading further down. He go down with Hannah and at the end there was a door to the north and south. Hannah knocks on the door to the south. A drunk Ruffian answers the door and Robin give him a pole arm in the face.

Battle ensures. One ruffian manages run away in the backdoor. However Jon was out watching the back and manage to catch up to the run away ruffian. All ruffian was killed.

End of session.

The Beginning
The first task

The party got a job to deliver a wagon load of mining gear and supplies to Phandalin. Their employer, Gundren Rockseeker a dwarf, is going ahead to “take care of some business”. He took with a Sildar Hallwinter as an escort.

After two days on the road and closing to their location then came a across two dead horses on the road. Upon closer inspection the party discovered that the horses belong to Gundren and Sildar.

That is when the ambush took place. Four goblins were hide in the nearby forest and attacked. But the party was too good and kill three of the goblins quickly. The fourth one escaped back into the forest.

The party thought that Gundren and Sildar are likely to be captured or worse. Since the payee for their mission was a shop named Barthen’s Provisions, the party quickly cleared the area and went quickly to Phandalin.

Once in Phandalin the party went to Barthen’s Provisions and were paid their dues. They mention Gundren, but Elmar Barthen the owner of the shop, said that Gundren is always secretive giiven they have “discovered something in their mine”.

The party then move to Phandalin’s Miner’s exchange. Halia Thornton is the guild master at the exchange. The town is not a hugely prosperous town, but there is enough to make a small profit. The news about Gundren was a bit of concern since they mention the goblins. However Halia mention some ruffians in town who call themselves Redbrands and the party could make themselves one hundred gold pieces if they kill their leader Glasstaff. After a bit negotiation, it became a hundred and twenty.

Halia said that the Redbrands are likely to to have a hideout in the old ruined manor house to the east. However they should be able to find some at the Sleeping Giant tavern, there were usually four.

As the party left the exchange they were confronted by four Redbrands. The party decide to knock them out instead of killing so they can extract information from them. During the violence that followed they kill one of them and captured three.

Dragging them to a nearby building they waited for the three knocked out ruffians to wake up from their knocked to the head and started cut pieces of the dead ruffians in front them to intimidate them into giving them information about their little group. Not much was learnt as they are clueless minions. They are only paid in the more to only show up in town to remind them who is “in charge”.

The party set off to the ruined manor house to discover only a door leading to a cellar. What was strange was there was no one at the door nor was the door locked. They moved into a unlit cellar. There was other doors and a nice cistern in the room. Upon finding something shiny in the cistern the group start to examine the shiny thing to be a waterproof bag and found some treasure.

During the party’s counting the shiny treasure they were unaware that three ruffians were moving into position to attack the party. However the party was victorious in defeating them but incur some minor damage.

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